The Real Seed Company is a group of collectors specializing in landrace cannabis strains. We personally source landrace seeds direct from ancient centres of cultivation and biodiversity such as the Hindu Kush, northern Afghanistan, Lebanon, Nepal, and Thailand. We have several decades of experience in Asia, the homeland of cannabis and the ultimate origin of all marijuana strains, old and modern.

Since 2007, we’ve made our collection publicly available for a fair price through our website. We’ve established a reputation for honesty and accuracy that’s rare in the cannabis industry. We’re absolutely opposed to treating landraces as the intellectual property of anyone but their original farming communities. We’re strongly committed to the preservation of biodiversity of cannabis not for profit but the public good. Our ultimate goal is the long-term storage of all landraces, and for all these seeds and research findings based on them to be freely available to all.

We aim to provide full transparency. Where listed seeds are reproductions of the original accession or obtained indirectly, this is clearly stated. We do not sell hybridized or feminized seed, and where any risk exists that a landrace may have been affected by modern hybrids this is indicated in its description. This is essential to respect the plants, the people who’ve maintained them through decades of prohibition, and collectors motivated by a sincere passion for cannabis and preserving its biodiversity.

Because the cultivation of Cannabis sativa L. without a license is illegal in most countries, all seeds are sold in protective packaging, which is well-suited to long-term storage through refrigeration, the best method to maintain these invaluable landraces for our emerging post-prohibition era.


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