Support Landrace Farmers Hit by Covid-19

Old friends of ours in Chitral are organising food aid to the hardest-hit households along Yarkhun and other valleys.

Jason has made a page at Curious About Cannabis where you can donate.

See the blog at The Real Seed Company for just how serious pandemic poverty and food scarcity is getting in remote areas of Asia such as the Chitrali Hindu Kush.

Huge thanks to everyone who has already helped out!

The families send their heartfelt prayers for your good health. Wheat flour, rice, and other necessities really are making all the difference for them.

2 responses to “Support Landrace Farmers Hit by Covid-19

  1. This also carries over to your local growers here in the United States. Avoid the corporate cannabis companies. They can keep their hydroponic chemically grown garbage. Support your small organic growers.

    • Very true, there are certainly similarities in what marginalized farming communities in regions such as Nepal and folks on small farms in places like Humboldt are facing. But so far as the plants go, one crucial difference is that Asian landraces and their wild relatives hold the vast majority of the biodiversity of Cannabis and are critically endangered.

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